Family bicycle day


Have your kids miss the race? Open the 2018 season already! We invite children from 2 to 10 years to the traditional racing on racecourses, scooters and bikes at the BIKE EXPO!
For each participant waiting: simple rules of racing on the track 150 meters long (circle), medals, letters and incentive prizes.
The race takes place according to the rules of scooter race. But bikes with a maximum diameter of 16 inches are allowed for participation.

Registration closes as soon as the number of participants reaches 250 (200 + 50 reserve), but no later than March 2.

Bicyclists, scooters, racers and toilers take yours! The presence of a helmet is not a prerequisite for participation. But for the sake of your child’s safety, we recommend taking a helmet and additional protection (knees, elbows).

Entrance to the exhibition is paid for adults. You can buy a ticket at
Participation in races is FREE.

How do you know if your child is registered?
➡ Immediately after completing the registration form, you will receive the email address specified in the questionnaire of the letter from google;
➡ On the eve of the competition (3 March until 15:00) you receive a letter from the organizers regarding the time of your child’s arrival;
➡ The list of participants and the time of arrivals with the general schedule will be further elaborated on the site and on the event on March 3.

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